About Us

Our Vision

International Stress Free Travel for Everyone.

Our Mission

Take the pain, hassle and expense of taking your bag with you when going on international travel - we can pick it up and deliver it door to door for you. Ideal for business, and a nice treat for personal travelling!!

Why follow your bag?

We all know the pain and hassle with flying when it comes to luggage. Carrying heavy bags from home to the airport, getting through security, then there’s checking in with concerns about weight and excess baggage charges. If you’re over the weight allowance, and many airlines seem to have different rules, or carrying more than one bag, then it can get very, very expensive very quickly.

So why not get us to collect your bag before you depart, then you can enjoy the airline flight walk on style – faster, easier and a lot more convenient. And remember, it’s not just the flight, we collect and deliver your bag door to door, so it makes your whole journey much easier, allowing you to enjoy the travel experience much better.

We specialise in couriering bags and parcels up to 25 kgs to any destination across the world. We collect from your home or office three days before you depart, and deliver to your hotel, cruise liner, holiday chalet, and business address - in fact anywhere you wish your bag to go. When you arrive at your destination – your bag is waiting for you.

Don't Pay Excess Baggage Fees Ever Again!

Bought too much whilst on holiday? Going on a shopping trip and concerned about excess baggage fees? - This is perfect for that extra bag; we'll collect it and deliver it home for you!

This service used to be expensive and only affordable by royalty and the wealthy – now follow your bag enables ordinary people to travel in style!

What type of person uses follow your bag?

Absolutely anyone. Business people who travel regularly use it to make life easier. Sending their bag on, often along with another bag with product/sales materials means they can relax and enjoy the journey.

Families going on holiday use it to allow them time to look after the children and enjoy the travel experience better. Pack everything into 2 or 3 bags and let follow you bag take care of everything.

People going on that special holiday, maybe a cruise, or some far away exotic destination use it for that special treat. There’s nothing quite like arriving at your cruise liner or 5 star hotel and your bag is in your room waiting for you!

Maybe you’re travelling alone, find travelling stressful or have difficulty carrying bags (after all 25kgs. Is quite a lot of weight)? Then use follow your bag to take some of the pressure off you – let us take care of the bag and you can concentrate on the journey.

How It Works

We collect your bag from your home or office by our network of couriers and wrap it securely. We can collect at home and abroad, we can deliver out and bring it home.

We deliver it to the airport and then on to anywhere in the world. We advise you when it’s delivered so you’re totally in control.

When you arrive at your destination your bag is there waiting for you, and if you want us to bring your bag home, we’ll collect it the day you depart and it’ll arrive back shortly after you get home.

No pain, no hassle, no lost bags!