Airline Baggage Fee Comparisons

Budget airlines are seen as having cheap affordable flights, and for the most part they. However, they all seem to have fairly complicated baggage rules and conditions, and the horror stories of passengers having to pay high costs for excess baggage or carrying a second bag or for having an ‘out of gauge’ (i.e. a bag that’s larger than the allowance) are commonplace. Regular price airlines would appear to be no better, operating in much the same way.

Sample Airline Baggage Charges for Ryanair

Here is a sample of airline baggage charges for Ryanair for a 25 kg. bag checked in at the airport for delivery to Spain. See what you can save: -


Baggage AllowanceChecked Baggage ChargeExcess Baggage RateExcess Baggage ChargeTotal CostFYB CostYou Can SAVE

For   1 Bag

15 Kgs


£20 per Kg





For the 2nd Bag

15 Kgs


£20 per Kg





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NB These costs were taken from airline websites and were accurate at time of publication 30 September 2010. This is offered as a guide and no liability fo accuracy is assumed or implied.