How it Works

We collect your bag and deliver it for you. A COMPLETE door-to-door service and it couldn't be easier to do! Everything is done through our website and it takes just a few minutes.

Get a quote online

Click on the "Get a Quote" button and simply enter your from (collect) and to (deliver) countries and you will get an instant quote.

Send your bag

Click "Send your Bag" to enter your pick up and destination addresses. Have your bag & contents list ready for the date we advise and and one of our vans will pick it up. Return trip? Just tick the box!

We deliver your bag

We take care of your bag for so that when you arrive at your destination your bag is there waiting for you. No pain, no hassle.

At any time in the process you can play around with dates and destinations and update your quotes. Remember, unlike many online travel services what you see is what you pay; there are no hidden costs so you are in complete control all the time. The whole process is easy and simple.

You must provide a simple, signed  'List of Contents' for each bag. We need this to satisfy Customs requirements.

If you're travelling as a family, small or large group, then contact our Customer Care Centre on 0845 304 5531 and we'll do you a really special deal.

You can purchase of £50 or £100 gift voucher to give someone you love that special treat. Call 0845 304 5531.