London Olympics

Are you coming to UK or Ireland for the Olympics?

Offer Benefits

Special deals for travellers and families.

Special deals for groups and parties.

Special deals for sports people & teams.

Sports equipment not a problem.

Deals for the UK and Ireland.

We can manage your entire luggage and equipment needs

We have a global network of local agents that enables us to collect your luggage and equipment from anywhere in the world and deliver it to UK and Ireland, and return it home again.

We can design tailored solutions for groups, teams, associations etc and move large amounts of luggage and equipment. We can move outsize equipment also.

We are able to design solutions for people with disabilities who have special items of luggage or equipment e.g. wheel chairs.


Telephone our Customer Care Centre on +44 845 304 5531 or email us at with your enquiry and we will respond within 24 hours. 

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